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The true hero by Daniel L.
December 3, 2009, 7:35 am
Filed under: Daniel

In the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, everyone is trying to compare Alice with the ” Hero’s Journey  steps, and they are trying to come up with reasons of why Alice is the hero.

For one thing, there are alot of steps that are missing in order for Alice to be a hero. Also I dont think that there is just one hero in this story. Even though Alice obviously didn’t refuse the call. She followed right after the rabbit which was the call in the story. Alice really doesn’t have any heroine qualities.

When doing the CoverItLive session, Hersh made a very good point when saying,

“Maybe alice isn’t a hero, or in this case a heroine. Sometimes a story does not need one clear hero but actually has several characters that make up one hero.”

I really agree with this statement by hersh because I think that there are many characters in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that make up one hero. The question is though, which ones make up a hero? Which characters meet the “Heros Journey” steps?

Jackson made a good point when saying,

“Alice is more like a guiding light as we explore Wonderland.”

Then Hersh followed up with that statement by saying,

“maybe she is the vessel that guides us, the true hero/heroines. Meaning that Alice helps us discover the real heros in the story.”

So then I asked,

“who are the heros/heroines?”

Then Hersh replied by saying,

“the heros are the reactions of the reader in this story. Their different reactions and actions are the effects of the book on the people.”

So really I think that the heros are different for everyone that reads the story.

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