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The Conclusion by Daniel L.
December 3, 2009, 7:33 am
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Since this is my last blog entry, I would like to recap all the main things I have written about in my previous blogs.

Before I do that though, I would like to say that this project has really helped me better myself in writing, analyzing, and has really helped me understand symbolism in a story. I have never done anything like this before and it was a great experience. I really enjoyed doing this and I have found that I actually like to write. This project has really made me think and be creative, and has really made me get into the depths of things and analyze what the author is really trying to portray.

Now that I have talked about how this project has benefited me, I would now like to recap some of the main blogs I have written that I think are beneficial to what my thoughts are on this story.

One of the blogs I wrote about, I had talked about how I disagreed with there being adult humor in children’s stories. I gave off numerous movies that this has occured. Alice in Wonderland had humor that children really wouldn’t understand, and some adults probably wouldnt even understand.

Also I talked about how maybe Alice never really dreamt about wonderland. Maybe it was all real. After all her sister was able to name off all the events that had happened to Alice when she was in Wonderland. So maybe her sister was in Wonderland with her.

The Cheshire Cat was also something that I talked about. The Cheshire Cat is the reason that I know that Lewis Carroll used alot of things from his life and put it into a story and I talked about why in one of my previous blogs. The fact that Lewis Carroll had the imagination to put things from his life and leave clues of what they really meant, showed that this man was extremely creative. Lewis Carroll used a lot of symbolism and you had to really analyze the story to find out what the symbolism really meant even though some of the stuff he put in the story was very random, to us at least.

So in conclusion to all of my blog entries, I’m not going to say whether I think this is a children’s story or a story for adults. All I’m going to say is Lewis Carroll put a lot of imagination, creativity, and symbolism in this story and that is what makes the story magical.

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