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The Cheshire Cat by Daniel L.
December 3, 2009, 7:37 am
Filed under: Daniel

One of the questions that I have is, what is the Cheshire Cat? The Cheshire Cat is a very mysterious character in the story that we dont really know anything about. The Cheshire Cat gives off a very creepy personality by the way he is always looking over everything in Wonderland. Also the Chehsire cat is always disapearing. He also doesn’t speak very much. When he does speak, he says that everyone is crazy. Which is kind of ironic because he looks pretty crazy himself the way he is always smiling.

The Cheshire cat has a very creepy smile that makes him more like a trickster. Whats weird about this though is he never does any tricks or pranks on people in wonderland. “The grin like a Cheshire cat” was a common phrase when Lewis Carroll was alive. Cheshire was the county where Lewis was born. So that is obviously where Carroll got the character’s name. Why did Lewis Carroll feel the need to put this character in the story. What did this character represent?

In the English County of Cheshire it is said that the cheeses were sometimes molded into the shape of a grinning cat. Also there was a painter in Cheshire that would paint grinning lions on side boards all around the area in Cheshire. Why is it that this English County is so obsessed with grinning cats? Also in the story, the queen told Alice that all cats grin.

What is Lewis Carroll trying to portray with the character of the Cheshire Cat?

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