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Shouldn’t She be Trying to Escape? by Daniel L.
December 3, 2009, 7:36 am
Filed under: Daniel

There are many things that interest me in The Alice in Wonderland story. Also there are many things that confuse me in Alice in Wonderland. One of the main things that have confused me is why Alice does not try to escape from Wonderland. Alice seems like she doesn’t feel that she is in a weird place. Its almost like she thinks everything is normal. For example, when she was falling, all she could think about was her cat and if it would be fed. I know that if I was falling for a long period of time, and I didn’t know where I was going, Im pretty sure I wouldn’t be thinking about my pet at home.

As Alice is in Wonderland, it seems that Alice doesn’t mind being there. She is not confused at all about just seeing a rabbit with a watch and how shes all the sudden in some very odd place. Why isn’t she confused? Why isn’t she trying to escape? I just found that very odd about how comfortable she is in a place that she has no idea about. When she meets very odd characters while she is in Wonderland, she still isn’t weirded out. I guess maybe when you are dreaming, everything seems normal. Still though usually in a dream there is a point in time where you know that you are actually dreaming. Alice never knew that she was dreaming, she thought everything was real. All I know is if I saw a rabbit with a watch run down a rabbit hole, first off I dont think I would follow it but if I did, I’m pretty sure I wouldnt be as comfortable in Wonderland as Alice was. Even when Alice was getting smaller after she drank the drink, she was still worrying about things that had nothing to do with her shrinking or getting taller.

All I know is, if I was in wonderland I would of tried to find a way to escape, especially after I saw all the weird things that were in it.

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If you look at the “rabbit hole” as a metaphor, what in your life have you chased, not knowing what lie ahead, and more importantly what dangers were inherent in the search? If you did dive down there on your own free will, would you be more willing to “go with the flow” of all these oddities, and instead of running, exploring and trying to make sense of it. As another student said (I apologize for not remembering who it is off the top f my head) we are all Alice in some ways, and I would take it a step further and say that we all know an Alice.

Comment by Michael Wacker

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