Why Not?

Recap of the Cover it live session by Daniel L.
December 3, 2009, 7:41 am
Filed under: Daniel

Last night Hersh, Jackson, and I did a CoverItLive session. The session went really well and we had a lot of good arguments that really helped with the questions that I had in the story. One of the questions was if it was good that there is a movie coming out for The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. We all came to an agreement that making movies out of books, takes away the reader’s imagination.

Also we had a good argument about the Cheshire Cat. We talked about how creepy it was that the Cheshire Cat kept disappearing. Also how the Cheshire Cat was always watching over everything in wonderland. Jackson made a good point when he said the Cheshire Cat may have been the God of wonderland. He backed that up by saying that the Ancient Egyptian’s used Cats as God like figures. Which then ties into the author because the author of of Alice in Wonderland was into supernatural things.

The last argument we had was about Alice’s dream. We all came to an agreement that it was very odd how Alice woke up, and her sister also knew about the dream. Which made the question of was it all really a dream? Or was it one of those dreams inside of a dream? Also maybe her sister was trapped in the same wonderland as Alice.

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