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What is it About Alice’s Personality? by Katie R
December 2, 2009, 1:44 am
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What is it about Alice that makes her so likeable?

Throughout the novel we are constantly seeing different variations of the same Alice but always in a favorable light. She never seems afraid to try a new experience although at times she may appear hesitant. It may be that we all wish we could be like Alice, brave and seeking adventures, chasing our own “white rabbits” without fearing we will loose ourselves. Even if, as the end of the story shows us that it was all a dream, don’t we wish we could have such interesting dreams ourselves. In our dreams, we too can be free from the inhibitions that can tie us down in our “real” lives.

It would be great if we could change ourselves to fit in with any situation like Alice did once she finds out the the mushrooms can change her size at will. She manipulates herself as the occasion warrants. Most of her adventure in Wonderland is a sort of a joyride. She is constantly getting herself into trouble, whether she meant to or not. However, while she is going through all of this, she is continuing to mature. At the beginning of the story, she has no idea what is going on, and is lost in this strange world. However, towards the end of the story, she has not fully matured, but has matured enough.

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As a male I have always found the character of Alice hard to identify with and that has led to me finding the story rather hard to get into. Having said that, the character is always portrayed in an endearing (if slightly spoiled) way when on screen.

Comment by Drew Buddie

I think every aspect of Alice makes her likable. Being a young girl with tons of curiousity and innocence, there isn’t anything that makes her not liked by others. Now that I think about it, I have never heard anyone say they do not like Alice as a character. I believe because there is nothing to dislike, we like her and I think this was Carroll’s intent for the Alice character. He didn’t want Alice to have any flaws and did she? I think not. Yet, if I was Alice I don’t think I would have been able to handle myself the way she did. Of course Alice is just a fictional character but still. If I was thrown into Wonderland, I would have literally said, “Y’all are crazy. I’m out of here.” Yet, Alice’s curiousity got her somewhere. She met a variety of characters and they each offered something different to Alice and in the end, Alice enjoyed the experience.

I really like your analysis of how it was a dream. I love getting lost in my dreams and whenever I am upset or mad, I sleep because dreams are the only place I can get away too. Like you said, when people dream they can just be free from the real world.
Nice blog Katie! (:

Comment by Amber W.

Alice’s bravery comes from that motivation to find her identity. I believe that is what her adventures are all about. She wants to discover who she is. Alice changes herself because she wasn’t really accepting herself at the moment. She is at a point in her life where she is transitioning into a more mature person and she can’t really see herself as the little girl she once was. In the end, she is not a little girl anymore but she is still a child. I believe when she came out of Wonderland she took a step forward in her life. We all wish we could have crazy adventures like Alice did in Wonderland. However, there is great importance in knowing what is real and what is make-believe. Alice’s adventure is the beginning of her process to understand the difference between the two.

Comment by Erin M.

You say that we want to be like Alice… wanting to try new things and not lose ourselves. I think that the adventure Alice is going through is all about her finding herself. Each time she is asked who are you? She says she doesn’t know. I don’t really think she’s losing herself. She’s finding who she really is in the wonderland. But the real quetion is, who does she find? I’ll probably post a blog about this later and link to yours. You should check it out.

Comment by Scott M.

While reading, I do find myself liking Alice as a character. Her personality is great. What I like the most about her is her innocence. She is in a crazy place full of quirky characters. Every one of the characters in the story has a place in Wonderland except for Alice. This makes her seem like the innocent odd one out.

I also agree with your second point. If I could change myself and manipulate everything around me to fit any situation, I would love it.

Comment by Samuel M.

I find this question very important (mostly because I think I know the answer but still…). What Alice represents in unspoiled innocent, pure and unadulterated good nature. While she makes mistakes and offends people she never means too and it is always out of her good-natured spirit that these “offensive” questions appear. Alice represents what we wish we could all be. Innocence, innocence in a world that will never harm you.

Have you ever heard of the line “ignorance is bliss”? This is perhaps my favorite line of all time. Why? Because it tells so much about humanity in so few words, we all want to be Alice blindly stumbling through Wonderland, never afraid because we know no fear. This is why Alice is so likable because she represents everything we envy and want. Innocence.

Comment by Ryan S.

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