Why Not?

Its All Just Politics by Daniel L.
December 2, 2009, 3:35 am
Filed under: Daniel

Analyzing the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland is like politics. In politics you have two sides. You have the Democratic side and the Republican side. What I have noticed about politics is there is never really going to be a wrong or right. When the two sides are debating, each person always has a good reason of why the other person is wrong Now I know this doesn’t really make sense but think about it. One election year a Republican will be elected. Then the next time a Democrat will be elected because people say the Republican didn’t make the right decisions. So then a Democrat will be elected next, but then he’s not making the right decisions. So no matter what there isn’t going to be the right way because theirs always going to be a flaw in the system and people are never going to be able to make up their minds.

When analyzing The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland there are two sides. Some people think that it is a children’s story. Some people oppose that theory and think that it is an adult story with adult humor, and that the author really never meant for it to be for children. Now honestly who’s right? One side is going to come up with a good reason of why it is a children’s story, and then someone else will find something to contest that reason. So really it’s alot like politics if you think about it. I know that analyzing the story really helps us learn more about Alice and her adventures in Wonderland and I think that that is what all of this is about. I think that analyzing something helps to broaden our minds and really makes us think deeply about the thing that we are trying to dissect. Whether we are wrong or right, analyzing the story still helps us really find out about ourselves and our capability to analyze certain things and then write about them. Even though there are always going to be two sides, we will still never know who is right. Which is what brings me to my point, analyzing this story is like politics.

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