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Was It Real? by Daniel L.
November 18, 2009, 5:37 pm
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When waking up from a bad dream, there is always a feeling of relief. Except for Alice, this isn’t necessary a bad dream. It’s just a dream that seemed extremely real for Alice. Maybe almost too real. This dream that Alice had, had a lot of details in it, and Alice was able to explain all of those details to her sister without forgetting anything that had happened. Usually after you wake up from a dream everything is a blur.

When I was reading the story I didn’t know how it was going to end. After all it had been like 8 years sense I had seen the movie. So I was very curious as to how this could end. So when it all ended up being a dream I thought it was kind of funny. I thought it was funny because it would of taken a lot of creativity to keep the story going, and I guess the author lacked that creativity. There are other movies like that where it has all ended up being a dream. For example the movie Click, when watching Click, I was in the same situation as when reading The Annotated Alice. I had no idea how the producer of the film could end the story, but it all ended up being a dream, until the very end of the movie. Does it prove that Adam Sandler really wasn’t dreaming, because when he went back home the remote was still there.

I thought it was very odd how Alice could recite everything that had happened in her dream. Then her sister ironically had a dream about Alice’s dream. Which brings me to the question was it all really a dream?

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I agree with you about how it is strange that Alice can remember everything in her so called dream. I know that when I wake I can barely remember what went on in my dreams. I don’t think that the author so much as lacked creativity. I think that he just had to end it somehow because he knew children like short stories, and his was getting too long. Also a lot of kids books end with a waking of a dream, so maybe that is why he ended it this way. Although I do wish he would have ended it in another way because there were many unanswered questions at the end. So to answer your question, I do think that it was a dream and not reality.

Comment by Shannon L.

First I think that Carroll is incredibly creative. He was able to real poems and facts and change them around a little bit and make an amazing book. he included every day things in Alice’s life into his story. He is a mathematician who wrote an incredibly amazing book. I think his writing skills lacked at the end. I personally don’t like stories that end as being a dream. Here he is lazy because he ended the book very lazily. At the end he did run out of creativity, but thats because he used up all of it writing the story itself.

Comment by Alex C.

I had the same feeling at the end- the feeling that there must be something more, that it just can’t end that way. But then I began to think about it and I couldn’t really come up with another way for the story to end. Sometimes when you build up such a fantastic story and it is so unrealistic there is no other option but to resort to a dream. This also allows for Alice to return to Wonderland at any time considering it is all in her head. This ending does not limit the options, but expands them indefinitely. Anything can happen in a dream. A dream can be an escape and all you have to do to get there is fall asleep.

Dreams are a little bit different for everyone. It all depends on each individual person. For instance, I can remember every detail of some dreams I had 5 years ago. I wake up each morning and remember my dreams and I feel like it was real. Sometimes I can’t distinguish dreams from reality. Some people I know wake up and remember nothing, but feel the emotions that the dream provoked. Others do not even know if they have dreams. They have no recollection of ever dreaming. So maybe Alice is like me. Maybe she remembers her dreams perfectly. Maybe she almost thinks that they were real. Maybe she is just different.

Comment by Rachel L.

It does seem as though the “it was a dream” ending is an easy way out for a lot of writers. Carroll didn’t answer many questions readers probably had about the story, and finished really abruptly, like Lord of the Flies. I’m getting kind of tired at lazy authors who can’t satisfy our need for a resolution to the story. Maybe some stories just don’t need endings. Maybe that’s like life in general- it doesn’t need an ending, it just keeps going on. Of course Carroll did make a sequel, but although I haven’t read it, I bet it confuses us just as much.

Comment by Alex D.

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