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Is Alice Still Alice? by Katie R
November 17, 2009, 5:28 pm
Filed under: Katie
When the story is coming to an end, Alice is continuing to lose her mind. She meets characters that she has never seen, and tries to talk to them in a way that seems confusing to her. When Alice is talking to the caterpillar, she tries to memorize a poem that she had learned in school. When she recites it to the caterpillar, the caterpillar thinks that it is ludicrous. He tells her that she got every word of the poem wrong, and the footnote on the side of the page proves this right. I think that this trait is causing Alice to fall apart even more. She believes that every thing that she says or does is unjust and immoral, and she is about ready to disappear completely.
At the beginning of the story, Alice was saying to herself that she had become a different person. She goes on saying that she had become one of her other friends, and wasn’t herself anymore. Then, she starts talking to herself again about how she had grown so tall that she could not see her feet. It’s like she’s treating her feet as if they were a human being. By now, it is made clear to the reader that Alice has gone absolutely crazy. Could her sort of “second person” still be coming into play here? If so, is it still there, or is Alice still acting like she’s herself?

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