Why Not?

Alice Was Just Dreaming? by Katie R
November 17, 2009, 5:39 pm
Filed under: Katie

As the story is coming to a close, Alice finds herself in the Queen’s sort of “courthouse”, and now is in the middle of a jury. Alice also realizes that she is starting to grow large again, which makes her even more concerned. When the White Rabbit calls Alice to the witness stand, Alice becomes even more confused. She was never part of this problem, and wonders why her name was called in the first place. However, she goes up to the stand, and begins to testify. She claims that she never knew anything about this. As the trial goes deeper, she starts arguing with the King and the Queen, and the Queen demands for her to be executed.

Alice retreats from the jury, only to be jumped by the guards. As Alice is struggling to get free, she is soon awakened by her sister. Alice now realizes that she was just dreaming the entire time, and none of these things really happened. By now, the reader is realizing what an ending it was. It seems very odd that the story would end with Alice waking up from a dream. Either Alice has a very good imagination, or her boredom is what caused her to doze off. This is where the reader starts to ask questions. Did Alice really think that what happened to her was real, or was it just make believe? Did any of the characters that she meet real, or were they just dreamed up by her?

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