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Morals Have Their Own Morals by Hersh T.
November 12, 2009, 7:59 pm
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In chapter IX of An Annotated Alice the duchess is having a little bit of fun with the idea of everything having a moral. She says, “Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.” It seems as though she is forcing morals upon everything that she sees. Does everything truly have a moral? Sure, some things have obvious morals, but, other things are rather confusing and may or may not have a moral. Before we can understand this, we must make sure that we all agree on what a moral is. According to the dictionary morals are, “of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong; ethical: moral attitudes.” So if we agree upon this then we can say that some things truly do not have morals.
However, given enough time, we will be able to make anything positive. For example, if we take something evil then we can easily say for its positive moral, to never do that evil thing. The moral of a murder is do not kill. On the other hand, those situations where a moral is obvious and makes sense it just fits. When this occurs we are able to utilize the moral and use it to better ourselves. It is easy to see why people can easily become obsessed with morals and want to use them in any situation. The duchess is an example of an overzealous person trying to attribute each situation with a rather transcendent moral. Morals have their own morals. We must follow them.

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Shannon, that is a very good point. Maybe Carroll is indeed trying to exemplify all the adults who try to teach there kids something “morally” right from every situation that occurs in life and Carroll is mocking them. The way he protrays the Duchess really leans toward the fact that he is using her extreme obssession with morals to show how many these people are a little crazy. Thank you very much

Comment by Hersh T.

That is true. I agree completely that what each person was taught as right or wrong as they were growing up decides what kind of person, morally, they are. This type of “behaviorist” idea puts the blame on the environment when often it is not the environment but simply the people who created that environment. I like the way you placed each person’s ideas and thoughts on a pedestal. Thank you

Comment by Hersh T.

I do believe that most things have a moral but not all. I think that the most important line that the Duchess says in the story is, “Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.” This is because like you said not everything has a moral, and I believe that Carroll uses her to represent the adults in society who do believe that everything has one. I think that Carroll tries to show this because he knows that not everything has a moral. Like the Duchess I think that people make up ridiculous morals just to prove that everything has one. I agree with you that we must follow the true morals. Also I agree with you that morals have their own morals.

Comment by Shannon L.

I believe everything has a moral and for every person it can be a different moral. The relationship the person has with the story allows them to view the story in a different point of view. Morals are made to teach something that people should do or don’t do to make their lives ethically better. But there is a problem with this because what one person considers good might not always be what another person consider good. Therefore morals run into the question that many people have been trying to answer for years, what is good and what is bad? Everyone can settle on a moral for a story, for example most people say the moral the story the boy who cried wolf is don’t fool for attention because when you really need help you might just not get it, but someone might believe that this story has a different moral. Is he or she wrong? I don’t believe so because at the end it still teaches the reader a lesson which will help him or her to prosper in life. A story that one person believes does not have a moral might be a story another person believes has a very strong moral due to his or her personal experience to the story.

Comment by Edward C.

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