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“Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it” by Daniel L.
November 12, 2009, 7:57 pm
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In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Dutchess told her that “everything’s got a moral you just have to find it”. This is something that I disagree with because there were times where the Dutchess would contradict herself. For example: The Dutchess told Alice that “Flamingoes and mustard both bite”, and then she tried to come up with a moral but unfortunately the moral had nothing to do with flamingoes and mustard biting. So there is proof right there that not everything has a moral, and the Dutchess just tries to make a moral out of everything that she hears.

While the Dutchess and Alice were talking, the Dutchess told Alice that she didn’t have the right to think. Alice disagreed by saying “I’ve a right to think”. The Dutchess replied saying, “Just about as much right as pigs have to fly. So the Dutchess completely contradicted herself in this conversation because in order to find the moral and the meaning in things, you have to be able to think. So there is another reason why the Dutches has no idea what she is talking about. The Dutchess is just someone in the story that is a symbol of a person that always thinks something has a moral, even if it makes no sense at all.

I think that people get too caught up in trying to find the moral and meaning of things. When really some things just don’t have a moral and a meaning. I think this book is a great example of that.

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At first when I was reading this, I thought the Duchess was right, and there was a moral for everything. Even though it did not always make sense, she had a moral. Although I kept reading your entry, and also Melissa H. had an entry like this, and I changed my mind. It seems that somethings do have morals and it does work. On the other hand, sometimes there might not be a moral.

Comment by Haley M.

I actually agree with you Daniel. I also don’t think that everything has to have a moral. Would you consider a moral to be a good or bad thing? In my opinion morals would seem to be good things, and also they come bad. But maybe the morals that the Duchess states are either simple and you and I are trying to make them more complicated then they really are, or maybe they are to complicated for us to understand. They also could just have nothing to do with the subject, like you said. But yes I don’t think that everything has to have a moral, even though most things do have them. I don’t think it really makes a difference on how you look at it, but some people just really get into that kind of thing. 😉

Comment by Melissa H

Like Meighan, I don’t completely agree, but some of what you are saying is true. I definitly don’t think that everything has a moral. I agree that it was odd how she wasn’t able to find a moral in the situation you mentioned. Of course, she still could have thought of a moral later on.

Good job on this one, Daniel.

Comment by Mike N.

I don’t completely agree with what you have said, however I appreciate how you defended your opinion on the matter.
To me it seems that there is always a moral to things. Morals don’t have to make sense, nothing does really, but it is nice when they do. It’s simply what one believes based on how they see a situation. And yes she contradicted herself, but are we not allowed to change our minds? Either way, congradulations, if I hadn’t formulated my own opinions already and wasn’t so defensive of them I would definitely have adopted your opinion on this.

Comment by Meighan A.

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