Why Not?

Will Alice Live to See the Present Day? by Katie R
November 10, 2009, 1:20 am
Filed under: Katie
It always seems that no matter where Alice goes in this strange world, she will always meet some form of a character, and then go on forever about her situation. When she meets the blue caterpillar, the first thing that she notices is its appearance. The “thing” has a hookah in its mouth, and doesn’t seem to notice her at first. But, the caterpillar seems to notice her in maybe 10 or so minutes, and asks her, “Who are you?” This seems rather starnge to Alice in a way that doesn’t seem familiar to her. Eventually, she starts getting into a more in depth conversation. However, the caterpillar always tends to notice something wrong in the way that she speaks. When their conversation comes to a close, the caterpillar tells her about some sort of a mushroom. He says, “One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter.” Then, the caterpillar wanders away, leaving Alice completely puzzled and confused.
Another trait that stands out is that Alice is always seeming to go the wrong way in a conversation. When she meets the mouse and all of the other strange creatures, she is not aware of anything that is going on. When the Dodo mentions a “caucus-race”, Alice hasn’t the slightest of what that is. When the conversation gets deeper, Alice is starting to realize that she is starting to criticize everyone that she talks to. When she mentions her cat, Dinah, and how she eats mice and birds, all of the animals start to shriek and run away. Alice blames herself again for her actions. She reaalizes that all of these strange creatures are very easily offended, and she should not bring up a topic of conversation that will cause conflict.

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