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Self-Realization by Hersh T.
November 10, 2009, 1:16 am
Filed under: Hersh
Throughout the book, the idea of the “self” is continually brought up. What are we? Alice does not remember who she is, she doesn’t know where she is going, she doesn’t know why, where, how, or even what. Are we that important? Is Carroll showing us that it truly does not matter where we are, creatures will always act in the same way, out of selfish, arrogant, and egotistical greed. In wonderland and here at home. If we could simply take a step back and see what we are we could realize ourselves. What is “you”? Alice, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dodgeson, all of these are simply passages that are always leading us there. Everything we do leads us there. The only question now is what and where is there?
When you wake up in the morning after your morning ritual do you check yourself out? When you get the chance do you make sure you look “good”? Do you care what this body looks like? When we realize that this is simply a vessel for the mind we will be able to realize ourselves. Once we realize this, it is human nature to start worrying about if our mind looks good. We must seperate ourselves from this obsession of personal association and ego. The “I” that we use everyday is what? Who are you? Your name? Your past experiences? Your future experiences? Your likes and dislikes? How do you know what your likes and dislikes are? They are simply things that enhance the image of “you” again aren’t they?

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I would definitely agree that it is the mind that defines someone. It is much more what we think that makes us human than what we look like. If we spend too much time beating ourselves up over looks, we become sad, shallow beings.

But whether humans are actually able to overcome their apparent obsession with looks I would doubt. There are little, small attempts made at it, but i doubt that they will be effective. Too much of our instinct, and popular culture depends on physical appearance.

Trying to be less influenced by appearance is still worth a try though. While it may not be achieved on a larger scale, a single successful attempt at it would be worth all attempts ever made.

Comment by Benedikt K

Wow Hersh, this is very well thought out and very well written. Very nice (:

We are defined not by the physical world but my the world of thoughts. Your physical attritubtes can always change but your mental characteristics are always constant.

I really like this line from your blog, “When we realize that [the body] is simply a vessel for the mind we will be able to realize ourselves.” This is the most common obstacle for us humans. To be able to look past the physical world and focus purely on the mind.

Comment by Jenna K.

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