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“high” by Daniel L.
November 10, 2009, 5:36 pm
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Am I the only one that is noticing how creepy this story is? I know that everyone wants to talk about how this is not really a childrens story and stuff like that. Well thats not the point. The point is this story is extremely creepy but extremely creative. Think about it, the mouse symbolizes the real Alice’s teacher. How did the author think to put Alice’s teacher in the story and make it a mouse? Also that is completely random. Once again creepy. Then again, what if that is not what the mouse really represents. After all Lewis Carroll was a logician, so why would a logician write about something that wouldnt make sense.

    What if all the things that we think this story represents isn’t true. What if he really wanted to create a children’s story. Maybe sense he was a mathematician, he actually self conciously put things like that into the story. Then again why is a logician and mathematician writing a children’s story? Also when reading the part about Alice and how she was watching people playing croquet, with the flamingos being used as the mallets, and the hedgehogs being used as the balls. Now while Alice was watching this, she was saying “cut their heads off”. Now Children’s story? Come on that is a clue and a hint of why this is not a children’s story, but that doesn’t mean that Lewis Carroll had some other message in this story. When I say this I am not trying to be innapropriate but Lewis Carroll could have been “high” while writing this story. Think about it, he is writing about a girl in wonderland and all the events that are happening are extremely random. So what if all the people that analyze this book are completely wrong. What if Lewis Carroll is just simply “high” when writing this book.

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Though I do agree that the story is rather creepy at some points, I have to say that him being high wouldn’t be a total excuse for it not making sense. A lot of brilliant writers have been addicts of all different kinds of drugs; my favourite example being Edgar Allan Poe. I know quite a few people who have chosen to live under the influence, and not all of them are as off as people would think. Some of them are the most brilliant people I’ve ever met [[not in all cases]]. The drugs wouldn’t make him completely illogical, from what I understand, it’s just a different perspective. A warped kind of logic, if you will.

Comment by Abbie P.

Daniel I agree with the part of your argument that says how completely weird and random this story is. Let’s set aside all this ‘deeper meaning’ we are finding in this book and it could definitely seem like Carroll was on drugs, BUT you should also think of the actual possibility.

Dodgson loved math, riddles and logic and Carroll loved little girls, the arts, and make believe. These conflicting personalities must have been impossible to live with! It’s hard enough for me to try and figure out who I am right now and I only have one personality. I think this book was an outlet for Carroll to bring two worlds that he loved together. Because they are so different and contradict each other so severely, we judge him. This tangential story doesn’t make sense to us because we are not Carroll, but from his eyes this story is probably the most honest and pure piece of art that defines who is he is as a person and at the end of the day, we shouldn’t write him off as a druggie or judge his artistic outlet for his conflicting personalities.

Comment by Sylvia A.

You know, I think you may be right. It’s crazy how everything in Wonderland does seem to be like it was written by a drunk/”high” person, doesn’t it? Not to be rude to Carroll, of course.

While this is unlikely, it could definitly be possible. Perhaps, though, Carroll is not the “high” one, but Alice is? Think about it. She is in a fantasy world that may take place entirly in her mind, filled with events and situations that could not be possible in the real world, but could be possible in the mind of someone under the influence.

Comment by Mike N.

I enjoy this book due to the fact it is creepy. Although it is very frustrating at times and confusing it is imaginitive. How many other children’s books and tv shows can you say that about? Children are not focusing on the things we are concerned about such as, “cut their heads off”, they are focusing on the talking cat and rabbit with a watch who is running along worrying about his timing. This is a childrens story and i do not believe that he was high when he worte this story. He may have used drugs in his life ,but I think he wrote this story truly for the enjoyment of young Alice Liddell.

Comment by Brittany M

I for one also agree that this book has a really creepy feel to it. I also wondered about if what we are analyzing about Alice is true, because some of the references seem incredibly obscure. Maybe Carroll just wanted to entertain kids, and that all the symbolism he embedded was put in as a whim when he transferred the story to text. This would also go to suggest that there are some things in the story that arent symbolic and dont reference anything in particular, such as the Mad Hatters riddle which was originally intended to not even have an answer. I wouldnt go as far as to say he was high when he was writing the book however. He may have been slightly mentally insane, as he was an author of literary nonsense, but I think that his intent was just to entertain little children with quirky and eccentric characters.

Comment by Rivu D.

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