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Alice’s Long Journey by Katie R
November 10, 2009, 10:10 pm
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Throughout Alice’s entire stay in “Wonderland”, she comes across some very unusual situations. When she finally manages to get herself through the little door into the garden, she notices some “cards” painting the roses on a bush red. This seems very unusual to Alice, so she asks them why they were painting the white roses red. The “cards” said that the accidentally got white roses instead of red, and the Queen would have their heads if she found out. When the soldiers mentioned the Queen, Alice seems to think that the Queen is very unjust. She always keeps demanding execution of her piers, when they did nothing wrong. When Alice finally sees the Queen herself, her justification is made clear: The Queen is VERY unjust.
Alice is constantly getting help from others through her struggles. When the Queen asked her to play croquet with her, Alice willingly agrees. Alice is very confused on how to play the game, since they weren’t really using the normal tools for playing croquet. Instead, hedgehogs were used as the croquet balls, flamingos for the mallets, and the soldiers for the arches. When Alice is in doubt, the Cheshire Cat appears once again to aid her. The Cheshire Cat is very helpful to Alice. For some reason, Alice always seems to think that he knows everything about this “strange place”, and he is constantly helping her. However, helping Alice can sometimes be costly to Alice. In the croquet game, the King is the first person to notice the Cheshire Cat, and immediately orders him to be beheaded. The Cheshire Cat got out of trouble by disappearing, but he learned to be cautious when coming to Alice’s aid.

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I believe anyone has a right to say the queen is unjust. In the final chapter of the book the queen is ready to give the sentence to the Knave before he had been proven guilty.

Alice’s struggles throughout the story are probably hardships she may be going through in real life. For example, discovering her identity. The people who help her resemble the way she handles her problems in real life. They are not really helping her, but the are making it easier by pushing her problems out of the way. They can help her change size, not get lost, or get her head chopped off, but they don’t ever solve the bigger problem. Alice willingly goes Along with their advice because in actuality it is her own advice.

Comment by Erin M.

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