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ESP – A Personal Stance by Jackson
November 6, 2009, 5:46 pm
Filed under: Abstract, Jackson

When Alice is getting advice from the hookah-smoking Caterpillar in chapter 5, she is led around, around, and down in the Caterpillar’s maze of words. The phrases employed by the creature are literal, yet contradictory in themselves. However, the conversation gets ever stranger when the Caterpillar finally tells her how to alter her size. The Caterpillar instructs Alice that “One side will make you grow taller, and one side will make you grow smaller.” Alice is confused as to what object the Caterpillar is referring to, but does not vocalize her befuddlement. Nevertheless, the Caterpillar replies “Of the mushroom.” The commentary reveals an interesting viewpoint on the matter: the Caterpillar has read Alice’s mind.

The commentary now delves into the realm of the occult. According to the commentary, “Carrol did not believe in spiritualism, but he did believe in the reality of ESP and psychokinesis.” I personally disagree with this viewpoint. To me, ESP and psychokinesis are not a reality. However, I would be perfectly willing to change my views, if I could receive proof that such things actually existed. As it is now, “psychics” are perfectly able and willing to perform and “demonstrate” on stage and on camera, where their acts can be dramatized, hyped, and publicized. However, for some reason, most of these performers are highly reluctant to step out of the limelight and into the laboratory. To date, no real proof or sturdy and tested theory has emerged to explain the phenomena that psychics claim to see. As of yet, my position on ESP and other such claims is that people who claim that they have occult abilities are either telling untruths, or are insane.

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