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Journey or Destination? by Hersh T.
November 3, 2009, 9:36 pm
Filed under: Hersh

Does being able to see your vision help you reach it easier?

As this is a child’s book it seems as though it is very desultory and just jumbled around. However, it also gives us the feeling that Carroll knows where he is going. He distracts us with the rabbit hole, the drink, the cake etc. and leaves us to find our own path. But, if we know where we are going and where he is leading us, then do you think it changes our path and vision? As many of my colleagues have said, this book has been controversial in the issue of whether it is just a children’s book or something more. So if we approach this book as an “innocent” reader rather than a focused scholar, then we may enjoy it at the barest minimum right now. However, if we take it as a complex, intricate story with twists and turns, and which uses the medium of a children’s story to bring out the ideas in a calm and gradual manner, then there is so much more to look at.

The idea of knowing where we are going is reiterated throughout the first two chapters with Alice constantly wondering where she is, if she should keep going, and her hope that someone will find her.

If Alice knew that she was going down a rabbit hole and knew where she was going, the story would be extremely different. When we know what we want we can stay focused upon our goal, and that makes it easier to achieve it. However, if we focus on the goal only, then the magic and adventure and lessons that the actual journey teaches us. It is a balance, as most things are in life. The trick is to know when you are being sidetracked more than is needed, and to be able to right your path. Those distractions and tangents make the journey memorable.

For example, suppose you have a memory of making a cake. If you spill the cake, mess up, have fun, get cake batter all over both your faces, and spill everything, you will remember that. But if you stay completely focused and make a perfect cake that is gone when it is eaten, then the magic of the journey is lost.

Similarily, the journey that Alice takes us on is the truly memorable part. However, the destination is our GPS that navigates us towards our endpoint.

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