Why Not?

Is It Necessary? by Daniel L.
November 3, 2009, 9:39 pm
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The one thing that I have noticed about many children’s story today is that there is alot of adult humor in them. The reason this happens is because the movie director’s think that they have to have the adults involved in the movie in order for them to go see it. Now as a kid, you don’t realize the adult humor because you don’t understand it. For example, when I was little I went and saw Ice Age and I thought it was really funny. Well this summer I went and saw the new Ice Age that came out and noticed it had a lot of inappropriate humor for a little kids movie. As a kid I would have never realized that, but now that I’m older I understand the adult humor that are in these children’s story and it kind of shocks me.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has alot of adult humor in it also, but in this story it kind of hides the humor and it really makes you have to stop and think about it before you actually understand what it is talking about. Some other children’s story that has alot of adult humor are movies like Lion King, Aladdin, and The Jungle Book. Now it is probably hard to believe that movies like that would have adult humor in it, but it is true just go back and watch them. Once again as a kid you would never notice this adult humor. In the story Alice’s in Wonderland there is humor that some adults dont even understand. I know that Lion King and movies like that are all great children’s stories but is it really necessary to have adult humor in these stories just to have the adults want to see it? Even the movie Shrek has alot of adult humor. A movie Critic named Matthew Reese said that “Shrek is an adult movie disguised as a children’s movie”.

Which brings me to the question, how many of these “children’s stories” are actually adult movies but we just haven’t realized it?

Furthermore, if these movies are actually children’s then:

  • Why do these movie producers feel that they have to put innapropriate humor in these movies?
  • What has our society come to today?
  • Why does their have to be adult humor in children’s stories?

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I agree with you Daniel as well. Now a days our sources of entertainment is often dirty and very innapropriate for children and yet it remains in almost every cartoon. In the movie Lion King if you watch closely at the begginning a flock of birds actually spells out the word sex. If a young child were to catch onto this little detail woud their parent be ready to explain to them so youngly what sex is? South Park is another exmple where producers have used innocent children to portray adult humor in a cartoon show, but what if a young child happened to flip through and simply see a friendly cartoon. They would end up hearing endless cuss words and humor far beyong their age. I think we need to start monitering things more closely and can agree that Alice Adventure in Wonderland can be considered to be rather riske.

Comment by Brittany M

I agree with you Daniel. In our modern society everything form television to marketing and everything in between is filled with crude humor that is inappropriate for children. I do think Shrek contains some jokes only understandable to adults, but the lion King and The Jungle Book too? I think by this point we are just making generalizations based on Alice in Wonderland.

Yes, many children’s stories have hidden messages. The authors sugar coat the real point they are trying to make which is usually raw and honest in nature, but to find this in every children’s movie or book is a bit extreme. To come to this conclusion, we as a society must be actively looking for these instances not suitable for children. When we look hard enough for anything we can find it, because it all depends on perspective and how we define ‘crude humor’ and what is ‘inappropriate’ or not. The writer may not have thought twice about putting a particular scene into their movie, but people who are wanting to find inappropriate things in works of art meant for children will latch on to these seemingly innocent ideas and twist them until they look as if the writer purposely tried to portray something terrible for the eyes of children.

Comment by Sylvia A.

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