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Curiosity as Protection? by Hersh T.
November 3, 2009, 9:40 pm
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It seems as though when Alice lands she realizes that she may not get back, she is being chased by creatures, and she is changing sizes regularly. Fear should be prevalent yet it is not. She is curious about the world around her, she runs into a caterpillar that is smoking a hookah and she is not scared at all. She runs into a cook who is throwing pots and pans at a baby and a Duchess and she is just curious. When the baby turns into a pig, she just thinks it makes a handsome pig.

Would she not be completely scared and running for her life?

As I read this story the feelings of shock and fear pervaded my mind yet this little girl is completely calm and even wanting to know more?! When we are curious are we able to do more than we normally can do?

For example, if we needed to skydive and we were scared of heights but we just needed to know what it looked like falling through the sky would it make it easier. I realize that different people are scared of different things but talking animals, smoking caterpillars, an ugly duchess who orders your head to be cut off based on what you say, this all seems very weird. This story revolves around weird and this may seem a little obvious, however the real question I am asking is if her wondering what lies around the corner allows her to go ahead and brave it.

The age old adage “Curiosity killed the cat” is seemingly contradictory, as curiosity is what has allowed everything to go forward. The idea that there is a bad curiosity versus a good curiosity is there but, is there a good and bad happiness? Can there be a good and bad idea?

The obvious answer is yes, however truly think about it. An idea by itself is nothing, it is the action. Taking action based on the idea is the deciding factor, just the idea has absolutely no affect on the world around us.


Note to reader:

I knew what I had started off with and where I wanted to go, however this blog took on a life of its own.

The rabbit led me astray and so this is what I came off of.

I realize that this truly is an idea that I can capitalize upon.

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The concept of a good or bad curiosity is intruiging. Curiosity is merely curiosity and as you said, it is the action that defines what makes it good or bad. However, maybe the intention you started out with may also play a factor as well? It is also true that curiosity makes one do things they would not under normal circumstances. Children are quite narrow focused when it comes to something they want to do or gain.

Perhaps Alice’s young age prevented her from feeling shock, because as older students, we percieve more of the situation. The inability of children to comprehend more complex thoughts may prevent them from feeling fear or shock, just as a child who knows no better would touch a hot stove, but an adult would feel aversion towards the action simply because they know the consequence.

Comment by Vivian H.

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