Why Not?

Will Alice Live to See Another Day? by Katie R
October 31, 2009, 2:51 am
Filed under: Katie

By the second chapter of the story, Alice’s situation has exacerbated. She is now literally starting to fall apart. Once she gets herself out of a situation that seems easy, she always seems to make the situation worse. When she started to get bigger and bigger, she thinks that she is in luck because she can reach the key on the table that she couldn’t reach before. But, when she unlocks the door, she realizes that she is too big to fit through the door. This whole situation is a complete fiasco!! She keeps making her situation more and more complicated. The reader is probably worried at this point of the story. They would be thinking, “Will Alice ever get out of this?”

At the same time, Alice is still relying on her sort of “second person.” When she starts to grow tall to the point where she can’t see her own feet, she starts acting like her feet are the “second person.” She starts talking about how she has to get new socks for her feet, since her feet will be too big. She also starts saying that since she can’t reach her own feet, someone will have to put on her shoes for her. She even says to herself that she is talking nonsense. At this point in the story, the reader is probably thinking that Alice is losing her mind. She is so worried about getting herself out of the situation that she is starting to go insane.

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