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The Story Inside the Story by Daniel L.
October 29, 2009, 4:42 pm
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When I was young I always pictured Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland as a children story. I always just thought that it was about a little girl that had an adventure in fairy-tale land. I never thought anything of it. After all I was just a kid. Now that my class is analyzing the story I am starting to get the feeling that there is something more in this story then how I used to picture it. I am starting to think that there is a story inside the story, and that John Tennial is starting to make a point.

For example, when a little girl sees a bottle that has “Drink Me” on it, the first thing she thought about was poison. That’s not a commonplace thing for a 9 year old girl to think about. Also, right before she went to drink it, she was reminded of the simple rules that her friends had told her, saying that “if you cut your finger with a knife, deeply it will bleed”. Her thinking that in that scenario is extremely random. Why would she would be thinking that before she drank something? Secondly, why are her friends talking about this in the first place? These are things that normal 9 year old girls do not usually think about or talk about.

So these are reasons why I am thinking that this is not just a story for children, that this story is deeper then that. This is what I am going to try to prove.

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I like your point you made. I agree with it… but isn’t John Tennial the illustrator? I think you meant Lewis Carroll.

You’re right about the drink me thing. I don’t know what young kid would automatically think it would be posion. When they read that and it says “drink me” most kids are very gullible and will do whatever they are told or read.

I think Carroll is trying to show older people a bigger picture than just a simple children’s story.

Comment by Melissa H

Daniel brings up a great point. I can almost guarantee that 99.99% of all of us that saw Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as a kid simply wrote it off as just another cute Disney movie. To be completely honest, when I received The Annotated Alice in my novel pack for the school year, I thought there had been a mistake. Why on Earth would a high school student have to read a story for five year olds? Now that we are a few chapters in, I feel surrounded by symbolism, themes, and comments on society. Daniel is right; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is more that just a children’s story.

Comment by Deron M.

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