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Are “Two Persons” Really Necessary? by Katie R
October 29, 2009, 4:45 pm
Filed under: Analytical, Katie

At one point when Alice was down in the rabbit hole, she starts to realize that she has gotten herself into a serious situation. She is all alone at the bottom of a dark rabbit hole, and there is no one around her to give her any insight as to what to do. Eventually, she says to herself, “It is no use now to pretend to be two people!” This is an important point to be brought up. Alice is saying to herself that she can only be herself, and not her mother or anyone else for that matter. Alice has to handle the situation on her own. However, the “second person” is sort of useful to her.

At this point, Alice’s loneliness is starting to take over. She never wished that she would be in that place, all because of a silly rabbit that she followed in curiosity. She starts to cry, but realizes that crying will do her no good. She is still talking to herself and scolds herself to the point that she wants to cry again. Alice feels like she needs this sort of “second person” to give her useful advice to help her. But, this proves troublesome in a real life situation.

By now, the “second person” is no longer useful, and Alice is now on her own.

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Don’t we all have that “second person” inside of us? How often do you have an internal conversation that leads you to a decision? Whether its led by faith, your upbringing, world view or personal values, every rational person has a “second person” that they discuss things with but in the end it will be Alice that has to deal with the decisions of “both” of them. So yes, in my opinion two people are necessary because impulsive decisions often lead to more trouble.

Comment by Jason Kern

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